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2009-07-02 06:42:11 by digital-forehead1

Bored >_<

No ideas...

2009-02-12 04:18:23 by digital-forehead1

Not only do I have no idea for Mr Iball episode 1, but I also got no voice actors for super board or triangle man (triangle man may be cut by being too hard to animate, but I will try my best.), so please, if you are interested send a voice clip to the e-mails mentioned in the last news post.


2009-01-10 20:10:30 by digital-forehead1

I havent even gone on the computer for ages now, so i just wanted to say that i'm back sort of...anyway, there are 2 characters who need voices, triangle man and super board, sorry i don't have a picture because this is my own computer in my room (finally) and i don't have flash yet, but i will get it soon. Please email me your voice clips to, and if that doesn't work


2008-12-12 16:23:45 by digital-forehead1

What do you guy want 2 see in the first Mr Iball episode (please tell me) and if you want to be in it as a voice, u better hurry because there are limited characters (please send me a sound file of you speaking and I will see if ur rite 4 te job) :3 (the picture is of the three definite characters, I already have voices for them)



2008-11-30 03:45:53 by digital-forehead1

Who here's played incredibots, of course you have, anyway, I have almost must mastered the art of flying, anyone figure it out, give me a yell (you know, ideas, detailed info on how birds fly, etc)

I mean, I have nothing to talk about, it's just that I want to take up your time and piss you off.

fun fact!

2008-11-13 21:18:23 by digital-forehead1

it has been exactly 21 days since my last news post :P


2008-10-22 04:10:20 by digital-forehead1

I'm lv7



2008-10-14 04:50:51 by digital-forehead1

woot, i'm town watch, lol

Mr Iball

2008-10-09 06:01:36 by digital-forehead1

I'm going 2 start the Mr Iball series as soon as I can get flash, i'm going 2 either figure out how to get the internet on my computer, or ask Reece or Nick. (I think Nick still has flash)