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2009-01-10 20:10:30 by digital-forehead1

I havent even gone on the computer for ages now, so i just wanted to say that i'm back sort of...anyway, there are 2 characters who need voices, triangle man and super board, sorry i don't have a picture because this is my own computer in my room (finally) and i don't have flash yet, but i will get it soon. Please email me your voice clips to, and if that doesn't work


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2009-01-12 19:28:43

Pornomon is a n00b, don't worry 'bout him. I'm typing this up with my dad's computer, my computer's internet is buggered. Perhaps Reece could voice one of them... I dunno. Remember If you need Mr iBall voice acting, gimme a shout.
Oh, by the way... I have also completed 3 possible theme songs, I will show them to you the next time you come over. There's an acid one, a sludge one and my personal favourite is the final one, a speed metal song.
Or, you could use one of the songs i linked to in the email. Oh, and Jay's back, I gotta get you 2 over to meet each other.

PS: I LIKE IKE *dies*

digital-forehead1 responds:

ok, that sounds great, oh, and i didn't think about reece, maybe he could...